Three-Piece Thursdays – Oct 1st, 2020

Hey there, and welcome to Three-Piece Thursdays.

TL;TD Below I give you three articles that I loved this week. One is simply to enjoy, one is a thought-provoking piece perfect to bring up over coffee tomorrow at work and the third is intended for you to learn something new.

The week is almost over, just one more day of work (always thinking forward, remember!). I thought I’d give you a trifecta of articles to wrap up the week. No promises on a weekly regular, yet. I like to keep people’s expectations low.

Now, I don’t know about you but I read a lot. My iPhone claims I spent close to 15 hours last week reading. I also read during the evening on my Kindle, so the total is probably closer to 20 hours. I read books on Kindle, articles on Medium and LinkedIn along with several different publications online and a few different newsletters. I also subscribe to the New York Times, being the worldly gentleman that I am.

Even though I spend an awful lot of time reading already, I always enjoy getting suggestions from people that share my interests. There is so much content available, that I often miss the best bits of information unless someone points them out to me.

So, here is my three-piece for you.

#1 Fun stuff, you know, because life is too short

Six figures in 6 days

Your idea of “fun” might differ from mine, but I thought this story was great. More than a little self-indulgent, for sure. But it’s like reading about someone winning the lottery, good fun methinks.

#2 Article to bring the work banter to a new level


James Altucher pissed off Jerry Seinfeld with this one, who wrote back in the New York Times op-ed section. I liked James’s piece better because I like James, I think. He writes with a stream of thought-like process, sometimes rambling almost, but he’s always honest. Will cities like NYC bounce back after we defeat the Coronavirus? Who knows.

#3 School is in session! Stuff to learn from.

Replace Your To-Do List With Interstitial Journaling To Increase Productivity

Coach Tony (doesn’t write under his full name) writes about an interesting journaling technique. It’s a long read, 15 minutes according to Medium. The takeaway is that 1) journaling is good and 2) messy, stream-of-thought journaling is even better AND can replace your to-do list. I think I like this one because I’m messy and it gives me permission to continue to be a messy journaler.

Enjoy your day!


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