Productivity Wednesdays – Sept 30th, 2020

Hey there, and happy Wednesday!

My favorite day of the week is Friday. The week is almost over, which always makes me a little giddy. When the workday is done, there are two whole days of vacation to look forward to. I’m a little forward thinking, it seems. This same tendency really ruins Sundays. I wrote a little essay on that one particularly gloomy Sunday a while back.

But today is Wednesday, and the workweek is halfway through. So things are nicely balanced. As I’m feeling fairly productive, I thought I’d share a few of my top productivity tips with you.

Problem #1 Not knowing where to start.

What to do about it: Start anywhere.

Example: If I have to write but don’t know where to begin, I just start writing anything remotely related to the subject at hand. Sometimes (read: almost every time) this initial draft will suck. But sometimes only a few lines in the fog in my head lifts and I begin to get on track. Don’t wait to have everything figured out in your head. Just go for it!

Problem #2 Being overwhelmed.

How to solve it: Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Example: Having a large complicated project and not knowing which of the 100 pieces to begin with. This is probably my superman skill. I wrote a tiny AutoHotKey app many years ago that I fire up. After 10 minutes are up, it throws a pop-up. When 10 minutes are up, I’m free to do what I please. But the trick is, after 10 minutes, I’m usually on a roll.

Magical, these hacks are not. But the effect can often be almost magical. If you ever find yourself looking at a project that feels like an insurmountable cliff, you could do a lot worse than employing either of these two tricks.

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