How To Be Happier Right Now

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

You are unhappy, or not as happy as you should be, right? You don’t feel appreciated. Or perhaps you keep fighting with the people close to you. Maybe you’re afraid. Or maybe there’s nothing wrong, you’re just unhappy. But you can be happier right now with one simple question.

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I hate the quote above by Lincoln. Because it holds me accountable. When I’m unhappy, I don’t like to take the blame. I prefer to place it somewhere else. I’ve paid good money to have a professional tell me as much.

So, how do you become happier?

I can teach you to be happier. Not deliriously happy, mind you, just happier than you are right now. I’m not a wizard.

In my bag of tricks are several simple methods to relieve myself of pain. This is not a productive way to be happy, but it can be useful to break a negativity cycle dead in its tracks. A few examples are

  1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate
  2. Listen to your favorite song
  3. Read a book

But that’s not what I want to teach you.

The question you need to ask yourself to become happier right now

What I want to teach you is a method that has the ability to free you of worries in the moment, no matter the circumstances.

Start by thinking about what it is that’s troubling you. Whatever it is, I want you to think very specifically about it. Picture the source of worry vividly in you mind. Let the anxiety start bubbling up. Can you feel it?

Now, ask yourself this question:

Does this affect me right now?

Let the question sit for a moment.

You will start by answering “Yes, it troubles me right now.” But ask yourself again, does it really affect you right now?

You will find that most of your worries are about things that affect us in the future at some point. Most of the things I worry about will never happen, I just make things up that might.

That question can and will make you happier, right now, if you can learn to accept the reality that right now, what you’re anxious about isn’t affecting you.

Learn more about being happy by reading up on Stoicism. I wrote an article on it here To hope and courage, wherever they may be

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